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Homebuyer Reports

Welcome to our comprehensive HomeBuyer Report services. With over 18 years of experience, we ensure that every detail of your property is meticulously transcribed, providing you with an accurate and easy-to-understand report. Trust our team to guide you through your home-buying journey with precision and care.

WorkSmart, ProForms, SurveyText

We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of technology and industry standards. Our expertise extends to a range of specialized transcription services tailored for the RICS software suite, including:

WorkSmart: Streamline your workflow with our transcription services for WorkSmart.

ProForms: Whether it’s property valuations or detailed survey reports, our transcription services for ProForms are designed to provide clarity and precision. Trust us to deliver content that aligns seamlessly with the ProForms interface.

Survey Text: Capture the essence of your surveys with our transcription services for Survey Text. Our team understands the nuances of property surveys, ensuring that your content is both comprehensive and easy to understand:

Building Survey Reports

Our dedicated team of professionals is skilled in transcribing detailed building surveys. Whether it’s a commercial property or a residential home, we capture every nuance, ensuring that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions.

Schedule of Dilapidations

Understanding the wear and tear of a property is crucial. Our transcription services for the Schedule of Dilapidations provide a clear and concise record of any damages or issues, helping landlords and tenants reach amicable solutions.

Schedule of Condition

Ensure clarity in lease agreements with our Schedule of Condition transcription services. We document the current state of the property, safeguarding both landlords and tenants from potential disputes in the future.

Expert Witness Report

In legal proceedings, every word matters. Our team is adept at transcribing Expert Witness Reports, ensuring that testimonies are accurately captured and presented in a clear, professional manner.


Stay on top of your communications with our transcription services for correspondence. Whether it’s emails, letters, or memos, we ensure that your messages are transcribed accurately, helping you maintain seamless communication.

Property Details

Showcase your property with our bespoke Property sales sheets. Designed and produced in Microsoft Word, Publisher, or Quark Xpress, our team ensures that every detail shines, making your property stand out in the market.


Navigating the world of property can be intricate, but with Design Houz Agency, you’re in expert hands. Our specialized transcription services cover a wide range of property schedules, ensuring that every detail is captured with accuracy and professionalism:

Valuations: Property valuations require precision and attention to detail. Our transcription services for valuations ensure that every aspect, from property features to market comparisons, is accurately documented. Whether you’re a property owner, buyer, or real estate professional, you can trust our team to provide clear and concise valuation transcriptions.

Real Estate Flyers
Real Estate For Sale
Real Estate Open House

With Design Houz Agency, you’re not just getting a transcription service; you’re partnering with a team that understands the nuances of the property industry. Plus, with our design expertise in the background, consider us your go-to if you ever wish to refresh your brochures or stationery. Our 18 years of experience and dedicated staff ensure that your schedules are handled with the utmost care and expertise..


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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience top-notch transcription services at unbeatable rates and lightning-fast turnaround times. At our company, we take pride in delivering accurate and timely transcriptions that meet your every need. Contact us today to unlock the advantages of our competitive rates and discover how we can help you stay ahead with our swift and reliable transcription services. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re just a call or email away from exceeding your expectations



In the second step of our meticulous transcription process, we take care of the details to ensure a seamless experience for our valued clients. Our dedicated team sets up a personalized Dropbox Folder and accounts exclusively for your project, ensuring a secure and organized environment for file sharing. We meticulously verify audio quality to guarantee the utmost accuracy during transcription. Additionally, we double-check all contact details provided by the new client, ensuring smooth communication and a hassle-free transcription journey. Your satisfaction and the precision of our work are our top priorities. Trust us to handle every detail with care, making your experience with our transcription services as effortless as possible.


In the final and crucial step of our process, we swing into action as soon as we receive your audio files. Our dedicated transcription team gets to work, meticulously transcribing the content with precision and attention to detail. We understand the importance of meeting your deadlines, which is why we prioritize efficiency without compromising on quality. Once the transcription is complete, we ensure that the document is delivered to you in the exact format you’ve requested, whether it’s a specific file type, layout, or any other customization you require. Your satisfaction is paramount, and we’re committed to delivering the final document in a timely manner, aligning perfectly with your project’s timeline and meeting your expectations at every step

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