Crafting Brand Identities: Explore Our Portfolio at Design Houz.

Step into a world where design meets brand identity. Our portfolio showcases the transformative power of creative brilliance. From startups to established businesses, see how we’ve elevated brands to new horizons. Your brand could be the next success story with Design Houz Agency.

Graphic Design Business Cards, Facebook Covers, Email Signatures and Business Material


Propel your brand with foundational essentials every business needs. Our suite includes meticulously crafted business cards, eye-catching Facebook covers, professional email signatures, and dynamic social media promotional designs tailored for impact.

Graphic Design Guides, Menus and Leaflets

Brochures and Guides

Elevate your brand’s narrative with our strikingly designed brochures, guides, and leaflets. These aren’t just papers – they’re tactile touchpoints that bridge your message to your audience, ensuring your business captures and retains attention.

graphic design for business proposals

Business Proposals and Presentations

Don’t let your business proposals fade into the background. Our expertly designed presentations and proposals resonate with clarity and precision. Say goodbye to bland pitches and let our designs articulate your vision, setting you leagues apart from competitors.

Graphic Design Promotional Postcards and Leaflets

Postcards and promotional leaflets

Infuse locality with a touch of class. Our vibrant postcards and promotional leaflets are not just for information – they’re your brand ambassadors on paper. Whether for physical distribution or social media blasts, they’re poised to make impressions last.

Graphic Design Planners and Brochures

Planners and in-house documents

Organize with elegance. From handy planners, thorough contact lists, and practical checklists to external documents like pristine letterheads and polished invoices, we ensure every piece echoes professionalism and brand cohesion.

Graphic Design Party Invites and Event Materials

Events and Party Promotion

Celebrations deserve the spotlight. Whether you’re curating a grand corporate event or an intimate private gathering, our promotional designs will set the tone right. Ready for print, social media sharing, or mobile distribution, they’re crafted to get your event buzzing.